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I have always used Autoglym but my son just got a full set of Meguires , clay, shampoo, 3 stage polish/wax and I have to say I am very impressed despite the £100+ price tag. Gonna do mine with it next weekend before Ford Fair.

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There are lots of very good, highly recommended (and quite expensive) products out there. You only have to browse the detailing World forums for a while to discover this.

If you are detailing on a reasonable budget like myself then I would recommend the following from personal experience:

Decent pressure washer. I have a cheap £100 Karcher pressure washer and it does the job.

Foam lance with snow foam for a pre-wash. I have the Autobrite lance & snowfoam as mentioned above. Used before every wash & rinsed off with pressure washer.

microfibre wash mitt for wheels only.

Meguiars wheel brush for wheels.

2 x Lambswool wash mitt. One for top of car, one for lower section which tends to have more crap on it, especially during Winter.

2 buckets with grit guards for washing. One for shampoo & one for rinsing your wash mitt.

Wheels to be washed & rinsed first before using a new bucket of shampoo for the bodywork.

IronX or equivalent for removing metal fallout particles. Only used about every six months or so when doing a full strip back to bare paintwork.

Tardis for removing tar. Again only used every six months or as necessary, but will remove wax.

Bilt Hamber soft clay, can be used with water as a lube. Only really needed every six months or even longer. Just use gentle pressure & keep folding the clay as it gets dirty.

Autoglym HD Cleanse. Used on a full strip back to remove all previous traces of wax.

Autoglym SRP to fill minor swirls on the paintwork as a prep for waxing.

Autoglym HD wax as a final stage product. Should last a good six months.

FK 1000P for wheels. Also used for paintwork as a Winter protection.

Autoglym Body Conditioning shampoo. Used for every wash.

Autoglym Express Wax used after every wash. Also known as Aquawax, but much cheaper to buy in 5L bottles and used to fill a spray bottle.

Lots of MF cloths & fluffy drying towels.

Autoglym Fast Glass for windows.

I couldn't give you any current prices for these as I bought most of my stuff some time ago as many of them last a long time, but a quick Google search should help you find the best prices.

You can also get a discount from some retailers as a member of FOC, just search for discount codes.

If you have a few hours to spare then the detailing World website and forums will give you LOTS more information :)

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