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Ford Fiesta Mods


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Hi decbran

There are quite a few simple visual mods you can do i.e

Team Heko Wind Deflectors

Zetec S Pedal Covers

MK7 Footrest Plate

Tinted Windows

DMB Gel Overlays

Detango Indicators

Upgrade all bulbs

Armster Armrest

Hope this helps

Mk7 doesn't have a footrest plate in any version never seen one standard in a Zetec s I got mine of eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/130796076985?redirect=mobile
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What mods can i do to my mk7 fiesta??


Ive got a 1.25 zetec. I picked it up last week so not done much as yet. so far ive changed the reading lights and footwell lights to upgraded bulbs, de badged it and im waiting on my team heko wind deflectors getting delivered. I want to upgrade the headlights and sidelights too but removing the headlight became awkward and I gave up lol. all these are really cheap to do. the wind deflectors were £26 odd off eBay and I got 10 white LED Bulbs for £3.50 from eBay aswell. apart from that I gave the car a good polish today. You can also de wiper it aswell which shouldn't cost much, you just need to buy a replacement grommet which shouldn't be dear.

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