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Brought My Fezza Today!


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Its not brand new because I couldn't bring myself to swallow the depreciatin as I only intend on keeping the car for 2 years until I'm 21 and can get something more powerfull!

Anyway after 2 days shopping around I say my baby from afar.. Mainly cos it's bright green. I haven't seen a fiesta that colour before but I loved it! It's a 1.25 Zetec, '09 plate with 14k on the clock. Was on the forecourt priced at £8500! But my mum, being an ex car sales woman, managed to haggle it down to £7000 with a few extras thrown in, if I left a £2000 deposit (which I was planning on doing anyway! Lol)

So it gets delivered Wednesday week and I can't wait! The only disappointment is I'm being sent away for 6 weeks with work but at least I got something to look forward to..

I've only got a few things planned, and all are cosmetic as I'd be better off using my cash as toilet paper than trying to make a 1.2 faster!

I live in Great Yarmouth on weekends, and in Stamford (between Peterborough and Leicester) on weekdays if there's any meets!

Peace out..

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Thanks! I've got the dealer pics and a few I took while I was there but the car doesn't look as good in the pics :( I'll upload them anywho soon as I get on the pc..

Forgot to mention! I've got my old t reg fezza sat in my garage with a broken camshaft.. I got some big plans for that so it'll be on to keep an eye on :p

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