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My Focus Zetec S Mk2.5


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Thought id put a few pics up of my motor.

i havent really done much to it.

its a 1.8 zetec s 125bhp

rear debadged

led numberplate bulbs

white ford badges

team heko wind deflectors front and rear.






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Next mods are to paint callipers and drums.

Paint parking sensors to match the silver.

Possible sony stereo upgrade or screen not sure yet. It i get the screen ill be having te rear parking camera.

Footwell lights and add another light in the boot.

Im also thinking of retro hid's and daylights above the fogs.

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Just had a service and found that there was a snapped spring on the rear :-0

All fixed and running super smooth.

I had a break in my rear spring too,

On the bottom close to the clap that secures it to the bottom of the shock,

They didn't report it to be but it was in the box of springs after I fitted the eibach's

Your focus is looking good, I like the hecko's they enhance the appearance nicely,

While your colour coding you should get the bonnet lip and rear view mirror done too.

Keep the arm of the mirror black though just the rear face of it colour code.

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nice car mate... yea id say colour coded parking sensors would better suit your car...

if your looking for mod ideas check out


i picked up alot of my bits from this guy.

the hekos definatley look the part, have you got a link to where you got yours from?

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