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Ignition/unlock Live Under Bonnet

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I have ordered a DRL kit for my 2007 S-MAX 2.0 Titanium.

I will be fitting it myself which is no problem, however I am still unfamiliar with the electronics of the car itself as I haven't owned it very long and haven't had time to play.

Basically, as any S-MAX owner will know, upon unlocking the car with the remote the instrument cluster, radio, etc. all turn on. I am looking to find any cable/relay that I can tap a live feed from so that the DRL's will illuminate when the car is unlocked. Obviously the courtesy lights aren't much of an option, as I need the power to be constant until the engine is turned off and the appropriate relay/source turns itself off as they normally do.

I know there must be at least one somewhere as things turn on when unlocked, I'm just not sure where to look or find it.

The electrical load will be low (about 0.4 - 0.5 amps), and I would prefer it if the source is under the bonnet for easier wiring, however the cabin could also be a feasible option.

Also, if anyone happens to know what colour the cable is for dipped beam positive, that would also save me a bit of time!

Many thanks for your help!


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I used a piggy back plug into the auxhillary fusebox in the engine bay. I tapped off the engine sensors' fuse. these come on with the ignition and off about 20 seconds after the key is removed.

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Have a look on the smax onwers club forum. There is a guy on there (SteveTR) who fitted DRLs to his smax - he knows the electrical aspects of the car inside out and will be able to point you in the right direction.

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