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Air Bag Light On


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air bag lights on flashing code 12 , which means duff module , but last week it was also displaying a code which mentioned pre-tentioners but is not showing any more

having a look around the car today i noticed that the drivers side appears to have no pretentioner ?

passenger one is bolted up around where seat belt clips in , drivers side u can see where one would go , but theres wires underneath the seat or any thing?

2002 A052 ford fusion 2

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The pretensioner of the driverside seatbelt is located in the B-pillar in the roll-up mechanism. The passengerside is located as you described. Why they use 2 different systems in the same car i don't know.

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ahh thank you ! yeah even the seat has a spot for the pre-tensioner to go !

so more likely needing a new air bag controller? where abouts are they mounted? hope not a dash off job!

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Yep, it's that simple ;)

Just look at this pdf, it's A208 in the pic, it should be between the front fixing points of the front seats, underneath the plastic cover/console.


And for the whole electrical scheme, it's the right scheme on this page (SRS):


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