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Fuel Tank Capacity


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in the Fusion Haynes Manual the fuel tank capacity is 43 litres but in the Fusion manual that comes with the car it says 45 litres?

Anyone one know the correct one? I am trying to work out the fuel consumption on my 1.4tdci

So far at tank fills I'm getting in about 39 litres or so - so maybe 43 litres is correct?

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Often there is an "expansion chamber" in the top of the tank and the different figures don't include this and filler spout (hence the 2L difference) - if the tank is filled right up untill fuel is actually dripping out of the filler (not recommended!) it can often take more - also the figures are from completely dry - so there is going to be some fuel in the bottom of the tank before filling up

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45 litres is the correct one, 43 is for a Fiesta.

Haven't got more in than 38 litres when refuelling but that's more because the fuel indication with the stupid bars is very coarse, i would rather have something with a needle.

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Was just reading through some Fusion brochures and to my surprise i read this:

Petrol: 45 litres Diesel: 43 litres.

It's from digital facelift type flyer but i don't think it will be any different from the pre facelift one.

Strange thing is that i have a pre facelift and a facelift brochure, both dutch an paper and they both say 45 litres (2002 and 2003 flyer)

So also here there's the Ford fickleness.................

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