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Harsh/stiff Ride Quality?


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Anyone else suffer from this in their Fusion? My 03-plate 1.4 petrol is diabolical over sleeping policemen, etc, compared to our other car, a rather ordinary 1.4 petrol 04-plate Rover 25, which is by no means a limo!

Anyone else tried different springs or shockers? Not planning on retrofitting until necessary (I'm too tight fisted!), but willing to try something else.

For me it's about the only thing that lets this motor down.

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Same here. Our other car, Suzuki Wagon R+ is almost just as jumpy as the Ford though.

Used to drive a 1986 Mercedes W124, when driving over the same speed bumps with the Merc i could do that with 50 miles an hour easily, it just flattened them. First time with the Ford i didn't pay attention and did the same speed i was almost launched into outer space and leaving a bump in the roof in the shape of my head, now with 25 mph it still very uncomfortable.

At first i thought of lowering the Fusion but i let go of that idea very quickly, lots of speed bumps around (i think they grow them on trees or something and scatter them in every street they like :blink: ) and then it would be like having no suspension at all.

Don't know what would be wise to change, softer springs? but won't the car sag in to much then?

Or softer shocks but will the ride be like driving a big american car then, like driving a waterbed?

And is either of them even available?

I think the ideal combination would be softer springs with good shocks. (Although thinking further about it, i changed the rear springs on the Merc into stiffer ones and the ride kept being extremely comfortable, firm in turns and so but smoothening out all the bumps and pits in the road. Very well balanced undercarriage. But don't think you can compare the 2, Ford has stiff rear axle, Merc independent rear suspension. In front Ford has McPherson with spring in one, Merc had McPherson but the spring was seperatly located on the arm. Also the wheelbase of the Merc was a lot bigger so that also helps. But i don't think the wheelbase of the rover will be that different of that of the Fursion.)

So no answers but i too would love the ride to be a bit more comfortable. But i think it's gonna be difficult to achieve with the present undercarriage and the way they designed it.

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