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Location Of The Ect On Endura 1.3 99 Fiesta


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I have been working on my neighbours Y reg (99) fiesta,
it is overheating as far as i can tell (no temp gauge in these cars)
and i know the thermostat was faulty. i replaced the thermostat but the
fan didn't kick in when the car got hot enough, the car was stationary
so no air flowing through the rad. i hooked the fan up to the battery
and it came to life so the fan works and i checked the fuses and they
also look good so i'm left to believe its the ECT sensor.

is i don't know where its located on this engine, i've searched online
and there doesn't seem to be an exact answer to this question just
suggestions where it might be, if someone could point me in the right
direction with pictures would be helpful if you have them it would be




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