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Newbie Returning To Ford

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As title I've had a few fords during my driving days (1993 fiesta, 2000 focus 1.8 Ghia, 2001 Maverick 2.0 GLT) but its been a few years (bit of a Volvo convert couple of T4's and a T5), although my last car was a semi ford was a Volvo S40 T5 or a posh Focus ST as I called it. I loved it all the toys full leather, remapped to 255-260bhp, very nice sleeper car. But unfortunately due to a redundancy and my new job being around 30 miles a day as opposed to 60 miles a week in my old job the T5 had to go. So here's the new ride a 59 Reg Mondeo TDCi 140BHP and I have to say I'm impressed it drives really well, handles very well for a big car, and has most the things I could need (miss the heated leather and the xenons from my T5), its not fast but has enough poke for now, although I have a remap planned for next month. Anyway I got it standard and so far I have had the wheels powder coated (Prestige Hartleppol did an amazing job) in dark anthracite, added a plain grill (thanks dohboy78) and wrapped the chrome bonnet accent, only things left are a half leather interior (if I can get one at a decent price) and the remap.

Sorry should say I would add photo's if I could work out how the use img or url's don't work?



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Hi and Welcome , your pictures are not showing at the moment.

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Hi and welcome, I also think the wheels look spot on, would get rid of the chrome on bottom grill then front end would look mean.

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