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2007 Focus Stereo Bluetooth?


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Pretty sure this has been discussed before but cant find any topics relating for my particular car... I have a 2007 Focus Titanium. It came with the (i think) 6000CD Sony stereo (like this one: http://www.caraudio-service.ru/published/publicdata/GBCARSQL/attachments/SC/products_pictures/Ford_Sony_mp3_1cd_red_oval_7M5T-18C939-JD_CD3XX-CDI-ISLAND-KW2000_CDX-FS307JD_SOCD1X_EU_enl.JPG). It has the green and red phone buttons but I think I would need to buy a bluetooth module for it to work. I found loads of them on ebay but how do I make sure which module I would need (code) for my car?



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If the car is ordered without Bluetooth/Voicecontrol you need several parts to retrofit the system.

* Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module.

* Radio remote with VOICE button.

* Microphone (including the big interior light surround if not already fitted).

* Wiring (an accessory wiring loom is available to retrofit the system.

* Mounting bracket for the module.

Based on the fact that you have a 2007 model I suspedt that your radio is also produced in 2007. Sony radio's which are produced before 08-2008 are based on the (Mono) old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system. These radio's are only suitable for Bluetooth/Voicecontrol and do not support USB or A2DP. The part number of the latest available module for the old system is 7M5T-19G488-AX (the X stands for the revision of the module and can be any alphabetical character).

Used parts of the old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol are relatively rare. Modules and some other parts can be found on Ebay regularly but the wiring is very hard to find. The accessory wiring loom costs about €150,-. Another disadvantage is that the old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol modules can not be updated and some newer phones do not work correctly.

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Thanks a lot for your reply! I suspect if the wiring loom costs around €150, its not really worth looking for the rest since I am not looking to fork out that much cash of something like that! ... would make more sense getting a better stereo for that money!

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i agree with artscot. will be cheaper to get the highest model of parrott system and fit.

I have one myself, it can:

- connect 2 phones via BT at once, so if one gets a call it will come through.

- stream music

- sync contacts

- play music via aux, apple lightning connector (found on iPhone 4S and below), USB (ipod connection and USB connection can charge the device aswell)

- use voice command from the parrot system or phones voice command like siri.

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well actually I already have a basic parrot bluetooth kit but I dont really like having extra things on the dash and thought maybe I can do without it but I am definitely not looking forward in spending too much money... this car is sucking in too much cash from under the hood already

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