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Help! Car Problems! :@


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Hello! I need some help I have got a focus ST mk2 06 plate and I'm having problems with it! I was just driving and my car cut out on me and it came up with engine system fault and speed limited mode so I got a D/test done twice and they both said it needs a new immobiliser fitted so does anyone have any idea how much it will be to get fixed at Ford garage. Thanks!

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Im struggling to rationalise how the immobiliser is at fault here. If the immobiliser isnt working, then the car should not be running...S

tart off with driving the car with your spare key, if its an issue with the key itself, the problem should go away.

Otherwise, the immobiliser is only used during startup to my knowledge. key goes in, immobiliser checks its identity, if your names not on the list, the immobiliser wont switch off.

Otherwise, I dont believe its used any point otherwise, so driving down the road, it isnt involved, so as I understand it, cant check your names not on the list and cant cut you down, if anything, I would expect it to kill the car...

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