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Faulty Injector Broke My Engine

Trevor Parmenter

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Hello I own a Fusion 1600TDCI which I bought at 6 months old in November 2010. I have always had it serviced by Ford. The mileage on it was at 24124 when an injector failed which caused a hydraulic action in the cylinder which bent a con rod. This resulted in it needing a new engine. The car was 3 months out of warranty. I took it to my local dealers and they said that a problem like this should not happen on a engine of that age and mileage. The repair would cost £4600. I said I would be looking for a lot of goodwill from themselves and Ford. I waited for 3 weeks for Ford to make a decision. They finally said they would pay half of the parts cost. This still left a bill of £2400. When I asked if they couldn't do any better they refused, saying due to the age of the car they thought it was a fair offer. I have had the car repaired, the final bill was £2398.31. I begrudge having to pay this. Has anybody else had a problem like this.

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Ford are not so good at good will gestures. My car has a known gearbox issue (4 - 5k for a new one) and also a faulty design in the intercooler air intake (split pipe) neither of which Ford offer any discount or recognised resolution that would mean them footing the bill...

Unless your car is dangerous (known major issues affecting the MOT testable items) or the car is likely to self combust, then you are not likely to get anything out of Ford.

I just cant believe on a car of that age, and low mileage, they are refusing so much. I would be tempted to report them to a third party investigative body, keep your receipts, as if your found to be in favour of the claim, you may be able to get your money back. Otherwise you would have to take this to a small claims court.

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