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High And Low Voltage, Alternator Gone Kablooey?

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So, here's the deal, just replaced the turbo intercooler pipe, everything was going swimmingly until I started to see an error b131b (can sensor over retarded - this seems to be my cars general behaviour) but anyway, cleared this code and it repeatedly came back, but as its not affecting the behaviour I wasn't too bothered, until now.

I went out about an hour ago, took the family and were about to go shopping. As I hit the industrial estate, the car started to shudder for a second like it was about to stall, abs and brake lights flicked on for the shudder then went off this happened three times,

Now the car reports error codes b1317 low battery voltage and b1318 high battery voltage. I believe now the alternator has gone pop.might take the battery back to swapped as there is no battery light to indicate the alternator is shot yet, but the family is banned from the car until I have it fixed...

Thankfully I have extended warranty which hopefully will cover this. Anyone got any thoughts?

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You can get a voltmeter that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket that will keep an eye on the voltage as you drive - you would be surprised how much it fluctuates from when the engine is off or running but you will be able to keep an eye on it

Useful, inexpensive tool -


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Cheers guys, well I took two trips to 2 different to different Kwik fits, one said that the battery was generally healthy and the alternators fine, one said the batteries reporting its beggerred, but given the error codes I saw I took the battery back and had it replaced after an argument...

Well its behaved itself today so will keep an eye on it.might invest in the monitor.

Well now I need to start a new thread you may all find amusing.

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