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About ten minutes ago I was approaching a set of traffic lights which suddenly turned to amber now I was maybe 3-4 meters away from the lights with a car right up my backside and I'll admit that I was speeding ever so slightly, anyway I decided that the guy behind me was too close for me to put the anchors on so I went on through the amber. Just as I was half way through I noticed a police car at the junction waiting and my heart sank when I suddenly saw the blue flashing lights and heard the siren! Expecting the worse I went to pull up but then realised he'd actually stopped the guy who had been driving right up my rear who had subsequently followed me through the lights! Never felt so relieved in my life lol

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Safety in numbers ;)

The law can't arrest us all

Reminds me of a story,

Everybody :rolleyes:

I knew a guy, who's missus won a 32" led TV back in 2004,

She won it on a local radio station, back when the first came out,

So Gary came home from work and was told by his missus to pick up the prize the following day,

Gary was working down the country the next day,

As result he collected the TV before work,

Since Gary's an electrician driving a hatch back mk3 Mondeo,

His boot compartment was full f tools,

So he slid the TV box in on the back seat footwell's, and off to work he went,

Later that evening Gary was driving home,

And much like dan, he had a car u his rear on approaching traffic lights,

Gary spotted the cops at the junction and knew he couldn't continue,

So he braked hard, hoping the car behind wouldn't rear end him,

Upon stopping Gary felt a thump on the back of his seat,

He assumed the car behind had rear ended him,

Gary kept out of the car and without checking for damage t his vehicle proceeded to give the driver of the car behind him an ear full, standing at their window,

When mid flight he remberd the LCD TV he had put on the back footwell's that morning,

The driver behind hadn't rear ended him,

When he braked hard,

The TV box flipped forward, hitting his seat,

Resulting in him assuming the car behind had hit him lmao

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lmfao that is ammusing!

As for the blue lights Dan, I think the reason this happened is the bobby would have seen the situation develop. He would have saw the two of you approaching and saw the lights change, knowing that it was unsafe for you to stop and seeing the blatant tailgaiting, he would have prosecuted the person who would have caused the most dangerous circumstance, i.e. the guy who has now just crossed boundaries of new police powers. For his pleasure, the officer no doubt would have offered to take £100 out of his wallet, with three points on his license at best. That is if he was insured to the eyeballs, driving a sound motor and at best not referred to the courts :p

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I have pushed a few limits and seen a few blue lights, but almost always never for me :p

Only time for me was christmas eve gone, where he basically scared the shizzle out of me to slow down, and a few month ago where a very puzzled policeman thought my brake lights were out, and they werent :p

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Lol I've been pulled a few times but always just random checks one of them simply because the pair had just started a ten hour shift and I quote "because we were bored" lol I hate traffic police

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