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New Boy From Eastbourne

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Hi,already posted my first query 'Only one key' yesterday and have had some good response and advice to it.Thanks for that. This Focus is my first.It's a 1999 petrol 1.8 Ghia manual estate in silver. The last Ford I had was a MK2 Granada 2.8 Ghia about 17 years ago!. The Focus is my 62nd car, I actually passed my test in the rustiest MK1 Escort you ever saw,in 1975(ish). Since then I have had a few Fords including a MK2 Cortina 1600 (or was it a 1300),a MK1 Granada Ghia 3.0 (wonderful car - wish I still had it),a Capri 3.0S,a MK2 Capri 1.6 and various MK1 Escorts I used for grass tracking in the '80's.

Back to the Focus. It was cheap!. I gave £500 for it. It's got a years MOT and 108000 miles on it. She had rear discs and pads for the MOT.There is a whole sheath of paperwork and bills,the cambelt having been done at 82000 in 2010 at a Ford dealer in Tetbury Gloucestershire where it seems to have spent a good deal of it's life,bill was £250.

However it's not without it's problems as can be expected for a car at this price. I will,post these queries later on in the appropriate forum.I must admit she drives rather well. Positive steering,smooth gear changes,and she runs nicely. I was expecting to feel a bit claustrophobic in there,as my other car is an old Mercedes 300TE and the wife has a Mercedes E320,but I didn't. There seems to be plenty of room,and she's quite comfortable. I shall spend the morning on her with the hoover and some polish as the interior is a bit grubby. See you later with my 'other' queries. Bye.

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