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Fiesta Mk7 1.4 '10 Upgrade/s

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Hello All,
I am fairly new to modding/upgrading cars, been kind of scared of breaking or damaging.
I am looking to upgrade my MK7 white 1.4 duratec 2010 fiesta zetec. (96PS, 3dr)
It is pretty bog standard as zetecs come.
I am looking at getting; rear lower diffuser; HID/Xenon lights; exhaust/tip; and rear spoiler.
I have looked around sellers and websites, they tend not to do anything with 1.4 petrols with regards to performance.
I have looked at the above parts and I am asking advice from anyone on whether they are correct, anything on installation help/advice and if you would use different parts ( or if my parts are completely wrong and wont fit). I dont want anything Outrageous, just something that looks nicer than stock.
I am on the UK and travel most of the southern area so dont mind travelling for parts.
exact same as my car:

Rear Lower diffuser + spoiler + exhaust:
This to be honest is the look i want for my car in the end (but my car is white).
Does anyone know where these parts are available?
I dont want to spend £1000's on it.

the only thing else is the xenon/HID light kit.
I dont really know what i need for it to be honest.
Thank you all in advance
kindest regards

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Going to move you over to the mods discussion where there is a lot better advice than in the general chat :)

With regards the parts, the cosmetic element, if its made for another fiesta, you should be able to swap it over without too much issue, but as its Ford, it will cost a few bob. For the experience of the drive, you wont get a whole lot of power out of the 1.4, you would need to be looking at remaps, bigger exhaust, better fuel and for much more oomph, you need a turbo, but to be honest, without the turbo, all that will set you back the best part of a thousand, and you will get a fraction of your horsepower added on (realistically, you might get another 30 - 50 out of a good set of everything!) so its up to you if you want more, however, your probably better off looking to change it for a more gutsy model with all this on you want, it will be cheaper and more reliable.

With regards the HID's, they are illegal. Unless your car is fitted with Headlight washers or wipers, auto leveling and genuine parts, it will remain illegal and will fail an MOT at best, alternatively, officers of the law have been known to pull and provide rectification notices for these mods. Generally, a HID Kit shouldnt be looked at as 90% of the time, just installing on its own will fail and cost you more in the long run.

To be honest, the mod's you want, all inclusive will set you back the best part of a thousand, so I would say do you want to mod? or would you be better off buying bigger and better?

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