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Any constructive advice would be appreciated as i am pulling my hair out with Fords lack of interest!!

I own a 2011 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI Sport which i bought from a car super market about 18 months ago.

Generally pleased with the car however the car started to show an intermitant fault in the form of a stammer/bucking- kangarooing at times. Some days it does not happen but when it does it is very noticable. It usually happens in gears between 1 & 3 on deceleration and pick up and in slow moving traffic.

I have taken it into 2 different Ford dealerships on 4 occasions as the car is still under warranty. Each time the car has been plugged in to find a fault code and on each time they advise that nothing is showing up!! I have advised that they need to run the car untill the car fault shows as it wiil do eventually but they report back that even if the car presents the problem when they are driving if nothing shows on the computer then there is nothing they can do. After doing a little research of the problem i find that the symptoms possibly lead toward an EGR/DPFE sensor problem which is a common fault on Focus's?

I had the car plugged into an independent garages computer yesterday which again showed NO fault codes however the mechanic advised that the car failed it's electronic testing when it was released from the main factory which showed on his computer read out.

The fault is becoming progressively worse and NO warning lights show up on the Dash. This is now becoming very worrying and i am unsure as to what step to take next.

Any advice would be appreciated as i don't want to dip into my meager funds to sort it myself.

Kind Regards, Brian.

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37000. only a baby by any standards. Been on the blower to Ford UK complaints dept so am waiting to see whats on offer!!

Cheers, Bri.

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