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Mk5 Zetec-S Speedo & Stalling Issue

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Hi All,

I have a Mk5 2000 reg Ford Fiesta Zetec-S. It is a really lovely car, but has developed an issue.

When I was driving a few weeks ago, the speedo stopped working. The rev counter still works, but just no speed reading. When I push the clutch down and break, the car often stalls and all of the lights on the dash come on (as usual when stalling).

I had a reading at a local Kwik Fit using their Bosch kit and it highlighted a fault with the Vehicle Speed Sensor. Now, this is an ABS model and I was under the impression that the ABS sensors fed the speed into the car? In which case, it must be an ABS sensor fault?

Is there a VSS that I just don't know about? There is a cable running from the top of the gearbox up to the top of the engine, which could be it, but I can't seem to find the part anywhere and mixed info on whether the vehicle does indeed have a VSS...

Any advice from you guys and girls would be most welcome,


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I'm not sure at which point the speed sensing was added to the ABS on Fords.

For comparison the VSS on the MK1/1.5 Focus is the same as used on Fiesta's.

A search on ebay will give you a picture of the speed sensor to compare.

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I can't help directly but I would point out that my mark 5 Fiesta has a slightly unreliable speedometer, too, in that its readings tend to be too high. This has been proved by speed differences recorded by roadside speedometers and the Fiesta's own. So beware, mark 5 Fiesta owners! I suppose it would be worse if readings were too low, but still, faulty readings of any sort are not at all ideal...

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