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Weird Automatic Transmission Failure...

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Hi guys, bit of a strange one for you here....

I've only had my Fiesta (a 2007 1.4 Zetec with automatic transmission) since August of 2013 (it's JUST within its 3 months warranty). Bought it used, two previous owners but only done about 25,000 miles so pretty good nick.

Was out driving. Dropped a friend off, went to pull off and the guy in front of me opens his door, so from a stop I quickly put it into reverse to get more room to pull around him and away. Went to put it back into 'Drive', put my foot down and...nothing. I think it beeped an error message at me, so I quickly turned the engine off and went to start it up again. It wouldn't re-start; kept flashing an error light (the 'transmission' symbol') and telling me in the display to refer to the manual as there was a transmission error. We turned it off, took the handbrake off and pushed it to the side of the road. Got picked up by recovery and taken home. As he was loading it onto the breakdown truck, the guy noticed that even though it was in neutral, the reverse lights were still on..... Which probably isn't good.......

It's booked into a local branch of the garage chain I bought it from (Evans Halshaw) because it's still (JUST!) within its 3 months warranty. Hopefully getting looked at tomorrow but I'm not holding out much hope of a quick fix as it seems the auto transmission Fiestas are rare....

Anybody ever experienced this before? The only weird thing that happened before this is that on cold starts it would sometimes 'pause' when trying to kick into third gear, but only for like one or two seconds..... But we're talking maybe once a month and I drive it nearly every day.

Does it sound like an easy fix? Or should I be worried?

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Ur just lucky under warranty some the boxes even automatic specialists can't fix them most parts not available an new box be over 3 grand

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Ah thanks! I might tell the guys in the garage about this if they can't find the fault.... Otherwise just let them replace the whole thing (if it's still under warranty!).

Good to know though, should I ever have the problem again......

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Thanks mate. Do they do manual conversions then? I only paid about £5k for the car, so it might not be worth it.....

If it comes back with a 'replaced' gearbox, any ideas what the chances of it happening again are? Do they replace with new or used??

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You have always got your statutory rights under Sale of Goods Act 1979 which is separate to warranty. In this case I'm sure all will be well with the warranty but if not, it would cost you less to go to court than to pay for a new auto box.

I think it is a fair argument that a fiesta with just 25k miles should have an auto box capable of sustaining a lot more miles than that without failure. Satisfactory quality/durability springs to mind.

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