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Electric Mirrors Won't Move Mk2

DJ Drewman

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My name's Drew, I'm a newbie here. Bought a 2006 Focus 4dr Titanium today. It's in pretty good nick and I'm already enjoying the drive :)

I'll cut to the chase. The electric mirrors won't move at all.
Here are my diagnostics so far :
The heating element in them works (connected through the same fuse as the rear heated windows)
The reversing lamps works (connected through the same fuse as the mirrors)
There are no obvious fuses missing and now I am stuck.
Could this possibly be a fault on the switch unit on the drivers door? I don't really wish to take the trim off to get to it just to 'have a look'

I've read bits here and there over the interwebs and normally the lack of power to operate the mirrors marries up with lack of internal lighting or such like, I have no additional problems.
The only thing I will mention, is there appears to be no luggage compartment light, is this normal? could this be a reason? (any info on this additional problem about where I should look for the wiring for one etc will be appreciated)

Thank you for you help in advance :unsure:

A new and happy(ish) owner......

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The switch is easy to gain access to.

You twist a screwdriver in the split between the upper and lower door handle and the bottom unclips easily.

Check the voltage at the mirrror switch.

First though, not teaching granny or nowt but are you moving the centre switch on the mirror button to either side when attempting to adjust the mirrors?

The switch is small and easily overlooked.

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Wow ! fast reply, Thanks stoney :)

Ah, didn't realise that it was just a lift out job, I thought I'd have to unscrew the switch unit from the trim once the card was off.

And don't worry about 'the idiots' guide (I said it - not you!) I'm a little experience in bits and bobs, and agreed, a small button can be overlooked by some, glad to say I don't fall under that banner.

It's a little late to do the job now, I'll have a crack at it tomorrow in daylight and get a multimeter on it. I'll report back with findings and maybe come back for further help if the forums would oblige ;)

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Thanks once again :)

Boot light: literally it's not there, no housing, can't see any wires out of place, zilch, nowt, nothing (I was looking at the drivers side of the boot - is that where it should be?) = and nothing on the other side either ;)
What number fuse do I check for the boot lamp then, couldn't see it separated out on the fusebox list???

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This is what the light housing looks like-

th_ec5a9d98-6a0b-4864-8e48-091d0c65997e. th_8a52d765-4384-48ae-bbb2-0f5061d9de38.

The light is up under the right hand trim on the boot.

It runs off fuse 80 which is also for the main courtesy light feed so if the interior light works then the fuse will be ok.

The bulb holder sometimes drops out so may well be between the boot trim and the car body.

I f you can locate the lens, remove it by pushing rearwards and lever the front down to release from the trim, the bulb holder screws in with a quarter turn and the bulb is a T10 (W5W / 501).

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Thanks once again for the pictures Stoney.

Easy bit first: Had a root around between the skins in the boot, found the housing, less bulb tucked up inside. The clip had broke so I guess the previous owner had stuffed it up there, without bulb out the way. I had a spare bulb kicking around, so fitted it. Worked like a dream, refitted it into it's housing held in by some good ol' electrical tape, Bob's your uncle!

NOW the more serious matter the mirror switch.
Removed the switch (as detailed by Stoney's above post) The very front screw refused to move and I ended up breaking the fixing, i digress. I took apart the unit and found massive corrosion on the circuit's 'rubber contacts', I've put an image in here to show LINK

I cleaned the contacts up with a little lighter fluid, put the switch back together and tested. LINK

Unfortunately it didn't work, the contacts have probably gone too far :(

I think this may be the problem. Someone has let water get in the switch and it no longer functions.

I have one further question. Does anybody know if the circuit board in the mirror + 2 window version is the same circuit board as the mirror + 4 window version. All I have to do is swap the circuit boards in this case, there are a lot more mirror + 2 window versions on eBay and therefore it would be cheaper to do it this way.

Thank you in advance


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FYI I went to Ford to get a price on a replacement switch unit and they quoted me £114 + VAT! I laughed. Bought one of the bay for £30. I'll update this thread when I fit it.

And to answer my own question above I believe the connectors for the 2 window unit differ from those on the 4 window unit, so not interchangeable.

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At least both problems have been diagnosed and one fixed easily.

The window switch problem appears to be in hand, let us know how it goes.

I'll look out for a replacement boot light lens if you like.

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I'm going to hang a bit to sort the boot light out (thanks for the link though), I have to get a few other bits sorted first, the car needs some TLC and a couple of front tyres! I may start a new thread detailing what I've done/doing to it.

Just to keep this on topic, Boot light is a temp fix for now, and I'll post up my mirror results when I get the new switch fitted..... It could help someone else one day :)

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The club is all about sharing tips and solving problems.

Many here (like me) enjoy helping to solve car faults and asking for assistance when needed.

If you have any further trouble with your car do not hesitate to post it up. :)

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Received the replacement window/mirror switch unit today, took around 20mins to fit it (the screw's were being very unhelpful). I now have working electric mirrors :D

So problem solved. I'm sort of glad I worked through this as I've not seen many posts across the interwebs which has this particular problem and hopefully might help someone else someday.

Thanks for you help Stoney. I'm toying with the idea to put a strip of LED's just under the upper lip of the luggage compartment for lighting but this is a while off before I do, I'll do a guide when I get round to it.

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