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Mondeo Titanium X 2008 Front Lights Malfunction.


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I bought a Mondeo Titanium X In Feb this year and it has developed the fault "front lights malfunction", which has become progresively worse. It does reset when the ignition is switched off and on again. Has anyone come across this fault in the past? If so any advice would be most helpful. Thanks for reading.

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I've got the same on my 09 plate 2.2 titanium x sport, was saying dipped beam build blown n I changed the bulbs now saying front lights malfunction, lights seem to be working ok, was going to get it looked at at next service, but if you have any info it would be much appreciated

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I tyres taking the + lead of the battery for ten mins , but it's the same, the light seem to work fine! it's lust the headlight fault message on the converse , it's a real pain ! I had a bulb out , was showing low beam headlight fault, I changed the bulbs , both sides, that's when the headlight fault message came up , was going to have it looked at at the next service, but if you fix yours befor if you could let me know the problem I ll do the same if I fix mine first , thanks

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