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Ford Fiesta 1.5 Tdci Zetec 5 Door


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I'm picking up my new car on Friday and I'm very excited to receive my new Ford (My current car is Toyota Yaris).

It's a Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCI Zetec 5 door in Panther Black; its done 2,600 miles (the car was registered in March 2013). It doesn't have any of the optional extras such as Ford Sync (unfortunately I really wanted that but couldn't find any new Diesel Fiestas with it in my locality for the price I was looking to pay) or the parking sensors. It cost me £11,250.

First of all did I get a good deal?

Is the car good?

Does my car have that great ambient lighting? (I haven't seen my car in the dark so I couldn't tell, I viewed the car on Saturday I didn't know the ambient lighting on the Fords existed)

I want to get bluetooth installed (a parrot for example that will play music from my iPhone 5S through the car speakers), does anyone have any recommendations where I can purchase one for a reasonable price where they also offer installation? What sort of device I'm I looking for?

Also I want to get parking sensors installed, can you purchase packs from Ford when the car is bought used, for instance to install the pack where you get parking sensors, folding door mirrors or can this only be done when the car is ordered from new?

Thanks in advance for any answers I receive.

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Hi and welcome to FOC.

Seems like a fair price, similar spec cars are going for around 13K on Ford Direct.

The Zetec trim should include ambient lighting, packs can only be ordered for fit at the Factory, but you should be able to get a quote on having parking sensors fitted.

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You could install the sensors yourself for a small amount (I Fitted mine for about £16) as for Ford Sync, you might be able to get the headunit with it and build it up yourself?

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