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Excessive "diesel Rattle"


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Hi guys.

Looking for some advice please.

I have noticed recently that my engine under load is getting louder and louder.

I think this is called "pinking" but unsure?

Even under gentle acceleration, it sounds like a very old transit van!

I recently blanked my EGR (after embarrasingly installing it the wrong way round) :o

Could this be the cause of the above or does it have something to do with my timing/injectors?

It is really noisey and a little embarrasing at times.

It is only a 59 plate so dont expect this much noise from such a "young engine".

Its a euro5 1.6 tdci with 52k on the clock and is always filed with Shell fuel save.

Would an engine flush and complete oil and filter change remedy this??

Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi jeebo.

Yeah mate, got it sorted. Wrote a huge post about it then this site went down just as i clicked the post button and lost it all so i kinda threw my toys out the pram! LOL

The blank plate was installed the wrong way round so there was a pressure leak. Lost lots of mpg and the car ran so bad it was ridiculous! Went back to re-install it and the lower bolt below the EGR had "rounded" so had a total nightmare sorting that. Luckily, with the help of a garage full of snap-on tools, we sorted it! :)

Bruised and cut knuckles as a trophy tho. Haha

Anyway, since that disaster, the car runs so loud under load but no power loss. Have more boost too.

Have codes p2140 dpf and p244a as a "pending" fault.......

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Ok. So i have the above codes. The two codes in the first image are fault codes and the second image is a fault on an engine test. Like you say, the two codes clearly relate to dpf but the error in the second image is new to me??

I have a "coated" dpf jeebo so, in theory, it never needs replacing although my mileage is 52k mate.

It clearly is faulty though (either that or a dodgy sensor).

I am having the car rolling roaded and dpf delete in january so should i really be concerned?

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Go for a good run on the motorway in 4th gear for about 10 mins n see if that helps mate. The cost is minimal n should help before dpf delete. Don't worry about messing up the blanking process many of us have done so including me.

I think this mod is better suited to those with long skinny arms lol:D

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Hi mixmaster.

Ok, i'll take the long route to work in the morning. That should clear out the cobwebs! :)

I know what you mean about EGR blank process! I followed lenny's guide and shown my mate the mechanic the pictures as we went along.

Dont ask me how we managed to fit the blank the wrong way round with us having pictures etc but there you go! LOL

We found that removing the fuel pump gave us much better access the the EGR.

I thought i had ballsed it up when i tipped the fuel pump and out poured a load of diesel but my mate assurednme it was ok as its electronic. Haha.pheeew.

Think im gonna take a load of diet pills before i attempt to dive into my engine bay again! ;)

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