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Led Brightness


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Swapped my sidelights for osram led today, one of them seems a bit brighter than the other and the temperature colour is a little less white . Not that noticeable but thought id ask. When I swapped them.i made sure all connections were secure. Could it be the dimmer less white bulb needs re seating? But I wpuld have thought if it isnt seated properly it wouldnt work at all.

Anyway if anyone has any advice or suggestions I wpuld appeeciate it.

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The thing about LED's is that they are really sensitive to voltage and amperes. If you have even a slight resistance difference the other one will be brighter. Also LED's tend to get more brighter as the time goes by. So you actually get more light out of them when you have used them for a while. Ofc in the end they will get darker and die someday but basically they are meant to last forever however they can't take any kind of voltage peaks for long so they die out in the end. Also you might not have any problems with connections/wires or anything it just might be that the LED's aren't completely identical.

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