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Zetec S And St Parts

matt clark

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hi, firstly i would like to start with sorry if this is in the wrong place, i am new!

I currently own a 2005 (Pre-facelift) fiesta Zetec and want to improve the looks of the car a bit by adding some new body kit to it. so I am looking for a 2002-2008 Zetec S or ST front bumper and roof spoiler (and maybe even a rear bumper if the price is right).only problem is finding them, i have been told 'they are like gold-dust to find'. So if anyone has one lying around or knows of someone who has one up then that would be greatly appreciated! or even one that's breaking in Essex!

i will just add that i am still in college and money isn't my strong point so i am kinda looking on the cheap a little bit (less than £90 for bumper and spoiler) and i am happy to collect as long as its in the Essex area!


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You'll be lucky to get them two for £90 mate. If you do they won't be in good condition and will probs spend a lot getting them repaired and painted!

yeah that's the main problem! paint isn't really a problem though because i got a mate who can get them painted for me. Do you reckon there is a cheaper way to improve the look of the car whilst not crossing the line into looking crap :ermm:

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Tbhh pal the zetec s - st bumpers and spoiler only look good others look cheap! I spent £80 on a rear bumpers and the front bumper cost me like £180. And I painted them cuz that's what I do but no my personal opinion is stick with the zetec s -st bumpers

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