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Rough Idle When Cold


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just picked up my 2003 focus zetec today.

the idle runs rough (jumps up and down) when the car starts from cold - i read elsewhere on here that this can be 'normal' in some cases but i've never heard of that before - surely not?

it settles down once the engine is warm or when the accelerator is blipped a few times.

any ideas?

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any links to a how to guide for that, is that likely to be the problem then? where would i find the idle speed control valve - is it easy to access?

i also haven't any carb cleaner - would anything else work like wd40 or electrical contact cleaner?

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Carb an throttle cleaner is best if ur best bet be buy Haynes manual if u ain't got clue it be points less me tryin to explain it google give u a good picture so u at least get an idea wat looks like

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