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Ford Focus Blue Tooth Adopter

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Im looking into getting a bluetooth obd2 adopter to use with the "torq" android app.

(for use with my 2008 ford focus 1.6 zetec)

can anyone recommend me one and tell me if they are any good. I really only want it for reading live

engine data so when the car is running well i can take a screen shot reading on all sensors then if one

ever goes faulty I can compare this agaisnt the screen shot when the car was running good to make a comparision.

can you tell me:

1) can i do this with this set up?

2) is the data readings accurate enuogh to use to find/fix an any sensor problem?

3) does the bluetooth adopter do any damage to the car on board computer?

4) can i reset service indicators/abs/egr/milf with this?

5) any other info I should maybe know about?

also im in the look for a cheapish scanner that can do the following:

1)reset service indicators/abs/egr/milf lights after problem fixed.

any ideas or recomendations would be greatful.

I saw the "Maxiscan MS309 Diagnostic Scanner Code Reader" on amazon for around £15 and it displays fault codes

as well as brings up the meaning/description on screen Im not sure if it reset service indicators/abs/egr/milf lights,

so i thought that this might also be a handy wee add on for my father in law

who is not to techy. has any one used this and if so would it be useful for a basic check on his car (ford focus 1.6 zetec 2009)

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anyone any advice on this? i'm completely in the dark with this one. :(

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The Maxiscan will do pretty much all you need but if you want to go down the bluetooth/Torque Pro route (I did) you'll get the same functions plus live data while driving including GPS realtime data/speed readings.

I use this adaptor with no trouble at all -


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There is no reason that it shouldnt work. You have to bear in mind these are generic code readers and dont always get the best results. For example, mine worked perfect on the Cee'd before my car, it works well on my CMAX but is a bit awkward if I leave it in and connected on starting the car. It worked fine on pugs and other cars, but I tried it today on a colleagues beetle and it didnt work. Could be an issue with her car, or its probably just the generic doesnt work all well.

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Id love it for live readings and such.

Im building a mod to house my galaxy tab. As i use the Waze app for navigation. And a 10.1 inch screen is so much better than a tiny incar one.

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Very true indeed! keep us in the loop on this one and get yourself a build thread up Andy ;)

plus one, i'd like to know how you get on and how you keep it powered up etc.

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