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Bonnet Release?


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Hi Guys,

I am currently looking at doing a mod to my car, and hopefully one that will make others lives a darned site easier!

Can you kind folks do me a favour? would you be willing to take a photo of your open bonnet, I am looking for the photo of the latch on the bonnet, and also the catch assembly itself and where it is situated?

If any of you are able to assist, that would be greatly appreciated!

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Beat you to it Mike ;).

Hope the pics are usefull James, if you need an other angle or something just say. (Or maybe Mike took pics from a different angle or something)












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You mean the safety hook you release by hand when actually opening the bonnet?

You could "forget" about it but it ain't there for nothing, bit sad if you end up driving on the motorway with the bonnet slammed to you're front windshield.

Don't know you're invention but i guess the safety hook isn't the same as the original one?

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nah, they are completely different systems lol. I don't plan on leaving the safety hook out of the system lol. I probably would end up wiring in a separate handle and attach it to the front grill so that it can be removed by hand if necessary.

To be honest at the moment, its a pie in the sky idea, I am just looking for feasibility and cost! to be honest though, until I have a fusion catch in my hand, I probably wont have a real idea!

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Ah, a brand new world shocking idea ;).

Don't know if the catch of a Fusion is identical to a Fiesta MK6/6.5 one? They share a lot of stuff so i wouldn't be surprised. If so a trip to a local scrapyard would make a lot of things clearer for you i think. If i look at the scrapyard nearby where i usually go there are no Fusions but plenty of MK6/6.5 Fiesta's.

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yeah its an idea!

well I just put a bid on a cheapo fusion catch from eBay, so far £6 all in or thereabouts. The cable can be bought from amazon for a fiver, I just need to fathom something out for the safety catch lol.

I might get it and find its almost impossible to do. If it isnt though, I will be getting it welded in and making this happen!

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Sadly the sale fell through. I bought the lock, the guy posted it and his packaging was returned to him :( so I wont be getting the Fusion kit, however I called a local Ford Parts place who are going to see what they can do. I am giving them a call in the new year to see how things are progressing!

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