Focus 2012 Sync Updates ?

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Hello all,

I recently had my ford serviced for the first time, and one of the things I mentioned to the dealer was about map and software updates. The dealer kindly pointed me in the direction of there accessories ordering. To my discovery they want £110 to update my maps "Oh hell no!" (

Surely there has got to be a way you could update the maps at home. Anyone else had a look into this or have any suggestions. I found out that the maps software is Tom Tom so I thought surely there is software you could download that would be able to update the maps ?

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Ford uses Teleatlas maps. Teleatlas is a company which is owned by TomTom. This is the reason why there is a TomTom logo on the SD-card.

The Focus MK3 maps can be bought from TomTom directly or from a Ford dealer. There should be no big price difference between TomTom and a Ford dealer. My experience is that the maps are often less expensive at the Ford dealer. Original maps can also often be found on Ebay.

As far as I know the maps can not be copied or downloaded. The satnav system has a good protection which until now is still not cracked.

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