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Ok so I have a 2008 2ltr focus titanium, what's happening is total loss of power with the engine cutting our when driving 60 to 70 on the motorway also the engine has just started whistling at every gear change when accelerating.

Has anyone had the same issue and what was it.

Your help is much needed.

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Welcome to the family George,

Sounds like a couple of issues. Specifically it sounds like you have a split hose or pipe. This is the whistling noise. The cutting out is likely to be the fuel filter needs replacing.

Start by letting the engine tick over, and look at the pipework under the bonnet from the top of the engine down. This is the intercooler pipe, it will be either the hose at the top turning out of the engine and then into the pipe, the pipe itself, or the hose going into the intercooler at the bottom of the engine bay. (have a look at my signature, to replace a cracked intercooler pipe for more info).

With the cutting out, its possible that if you have a serious enough crack or split that there is insufficient air getting to the engine, and choking it. so replacing the hose or pipe should allow you to continue driving. Otherwise, the fuel filter is the most common culrprit for this issue this time of year.

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