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Where's My Reverse Light Switch?

Wesley Sims

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Hi all

I have a 2005 (new model) Focus estate 1.6LX manual, petrol with no reverse light; the bulb and fuse are both good so I bought a new switch. I had a look through several guides before attacking the job but after removing the air filter box I couldn't see anything on the gearbox that looks like the switch I was sold. Various guides suggest removing the battery, battery holder and even the transmission mounts :o

While I was under the bonnet I saw the switch circled in the attached pic, really easy to get to but different to the one I bought. The connector is triangular shaped instead of square.

So, is that my reverse light switch in the pic? If so, is it unique to my particular model as it's location is nothing like any of the guides I've seen (it seems way too easy to get at for a start).

Any help gratefully received :)



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Did you get the switch from a dealer, and was it matched to your registration?

I'm assuming this is the type of switch you bought?-


If you go to Ford Etis and enter your registration then you will be able to find your gearbox type and then I may be able to pin down the location and swich type you should have.

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Hi Stoney

thanks for your reply. I bought the part online but not matched to my reg (oops) - part number XS4T 15520 AB.

Right, had a look on Ford Etis and it lists my transmission as 5 Speed Manual Transaxle - B5/IB5, is that the info you'd need?

Thanks again

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I see where the problem occurred, the part number 15520 refers to all reverse light switches throughout the whole MK1 C-Max/MK2 Focus range.

The correct part for your gearbox is Finis number 1383960 and is as far as I can extrapolate the switch you indeed identified in your photo.-


The price on my Microcat always comes up as Euros so from a dealer the part would be about £35.

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This pretty much looks to be the one you're after but definitely check details with the seller, they will confirm for you.

(I'm 99% certain though)


First though, I recommend pulling the connector plug off the switch and checking for corrosion on the contacts and the wiring is in good order just in case it's not the switch at fault.

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Yep the part in your link definitely looks like the switch on my gearbox and it's in the same place as in the picture above. I'll have a check of the contacts and get in touch with the seller as you suggest.

Quite a relief, I can reach this switch without having to remove anything or even raise the front end :)

Thanks for your help, much appreciated

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