Coding Immobiliser On New Key

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I'm having a bit of a nightmare with coding a new key, I am reading lots of conflicting messages about needing 2 original keys etc..

I have got a new key off eBay cut and got the electrics working on it (open doors etc..) but the immobiliser won't work. I only have 1 original key.

Is there anyway to do this, even if it costs money but is cheaper then going to the dealer. I am reading stuff about getting USB to obd connectors and use ford commander to program the new code, there must be an easier way to do this?!?

Thanks in advanced, I'm sure I'm not the only one seeking answers.

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The focus MK1 has the possibility to program extra keys yourself using the procedure which is prescribed in the instruction manual. To do this 2 original (programmed) keys are needed. If you do not have 2 original (programmed) keys it is not possible to program keys yourself without the right tools.

The Focus MK2 (and later) does not have the ability at all to program extra keys yourself.

For programming new transponder keys you will need a suitable diagnostic system (like the Ford IDS system or the FoCom diagnostic system) which has the ability to program the Ford PATS system. You also need an INCODE/OUTCODE generator to generate the corredt code to get access to the PATS system.

Either way you have to pay the Ford dealer or local lock smith to program your key or buy all the needed tools yourself.

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