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Smax Central Locking, Electric Windows Wont Work


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I wonder if anyone can help, we have a 59 plate Smax titanium, for some strange reason the electric windows and central locking have stopped working on the OS front and rear doors, the electric mirrors too have stopped working from the OSF door switch and I have just found out as its dark that the OS window buttons do not illuminate either, neither does the OSF door mirror indicator when opening or locking from the button, I find this very strange, I have had the OSF door panel off, all the wiring looks fine and in place, maybe its the top door control unit behind the door card is faulty, but would this cause all these issues ?, the NS front and rear doors work fine on the key to unlock the doors as does the fuel cap door, however you do have to use the individual window buttons for the NSF and NSR windows to work , not the drivers switches

ive checked the rear fuse box for the four fuses that control the windows and locks etc and these are fine, ive also checked the front fuse box for the fuse that powers the rear fuse box (if that makes sense?) all ok,

any help would be appreciated before I book it into fords

many thanks


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The wiring in any door/boot conduit can become damaged if the insulation gets brittle due to age or water ingress.

Usual for instances on older cars but surprising on a 59 plate.

Definitely check the door looms for broken or shorted circuits.

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