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Tow Eye Cover Paint Help


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Some ****** lobbed a glass bottle from his car while I was driving in the other direction recently and as always is the case I have to pay for the damage while the **** who done it goes about his low life existence!

Anyway rant over , I have chip/scuff damage on my front bumper and a cracked windscreen which I have a appointment booked for a replacement.

Luckily I have windscreen cover although I will need to pay windscreen excess.

I dont really want to claim for the other damage as my excess it high.

I also lost my tow eye cover from this and fords sell them for a fiver but they are just primer so I would need to paint it , not sure where to purchase the paint?

I need panther black spray , Halfords?

and I'm not sure if I need Lacquer , can this be bought from Halfords?

Just need advice on what I need to do to respray a tow eye cover and best way to repair scuffed/chipped plastic front bumper?

thanks guys

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Get chips away out to look at the damaged bumper, they can do excellent smart repairs!

as for the spraying of the tow eye cover, you would need a primer, then just evenly spray the cover and leave to dry, do this two or three times to start with and you should see that as you build up the layers it become a close match to your car. Once you have got it to the right shade, you should then apply lacquer as a protective layer.

Halfords wont be a perfect match to be honest, you could have a luck on eBay and find a good price for the spray.

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Just an update ,

I have replaced my windscreen at Autoglass and have bought the tow eye cover from my local Fords parts centre although they didn't seem to stock the spray paint which was odd.

I just need the scratches repaired and if I can get this done somewhere I can get them to spray the tow eye as well.

Not sure about scratches away , I'm hoping I can get someone local to me and do it cheap but do a good job.

when I get time I will try to post a picture up of the damage and see what you guys think it will cost.

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