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Egr Blanking Plate?


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Just wondering is it worth getting? Will it make much difference in anything? I can pick one up cheap off eBay if it is even slightly beneficial. Wondering because I have no experience with them Thanks

Hi mike,

Get yourself as stainless steel blanking plate because aluminium ones break through over time resulting in fragments getting stuck in your cat.

Don't buy one with a hole in it neither because they defeat the purpose of blanking,

Here's a link to my guide on blanking the egr on a 1.6TDCi

Now I know yours isint a 1.6TDCi its a 1.4TDCi but have a look at the benefits of egr blanking which is all explained in my guide aswell as independent feedback from various people who have also fitted


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You will certainly notice it Mike. I know i did. Probably also because in my case the EGR valve wasn't airtight so i was loosing boost without me knowing it.

I think most of the EGR valves won't be completely airtight, especially with diesels cause of all the sooth.

Most noticable differences in order of magnitude like i experienced it:

1) DPF removed, huge difference in engine flexibility. The engine could finally breath out like it should. Don't know if you have one, don't know the regulations over there but in my case it wasn't on the car papers so i could remove it without telling any one ;).

Nice thing is you can just buy a straight through exhaust middle piece, fit it (4 bolts) and you're done! No welding or anything else needed.

2) EGR blanking.Gone was the low rev stuttering, can drive at engine idle speed in first gear (or any gear for that matter) without having the feeling of driving a rodeo horse. Also the boost comes in more evenly, but that is probably because of the leaking valve like i said.

Did of course take it a bit further, blanked of the EGR valve on both sides, removed the cooler and EGR pipe and blanked of the hole in the intake manifold. Also removed the throttle insides so i don't get a vacuum at low revs. Does give me errorcode P0103 (high airflow air mass meter) regularly but i just reset that. No noticable difference in performance or driving when the error is active though. If i read it correctly it only shuts down the EGR action so no big deal. Problem is solvable by fitting a 2 stroke membrane intake valve at the right spot, still haven't done that but i know it will work because of the testing with the EGR valve. (can also get a remap to fix it but the membrane is a lot cheaper ;))

The boost kicks in very fast, less unused space to pressurize because of the removed EGR piping.

3) Cat removed, i didn't notice any differences, theoretically the boost should kick in a little faster, it probably does but in such a small amount that i can't feel or see (Scangauge II and Torque Pro) it.

4) Not really fitting in this list but i will mention it anyway. A cheapo ECO powerbox, only 60 euros. Very noticable performance gain although it is set for ECO driving. Also a noticable gain in MPG, not what they claim but i didn't expect that so no disappointment. Gives me about 2 to 3 km per litre extra (about 5-6 MPG extra). So with the milage i drive it already paid for it self. (24.000 km in the last 8 months, 1,33 euro for one litre diesel)

I can dial it up or down if i want, only one little screw in it. Tried with a full turn extra, a bit more power but because of the colder weather i turned it down again. Reason is because it fools the common rail pressure sensor i don't want full pressure from the injectionpump at all times, i hope this will save the pump a little. If i would have to guess it think it fools it about 200 to 300 bar comparing the Torque logs with and without powerbox.

So, not really what you where asking but maybe nice to know ;)

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Well, your engine will take a little longer to warm up and your engine will generate a bit more NOX.

For the rest, only benefits!


I can't see any negatives and I've fitted it over a year now I think.

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Sounds good to me!Thanks guys :)

No problem,

If your looking for some styling advise aswell mate,

Fit some silvatec bulbs in your front and side indicator sockets gets rid of the fried egg appearance,

Also log on to CSR automotive, the make some nice looking light brows for your motor that will make it look angry in the rear view mirrors of the cars in front of you.

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Sounds good to me!Thanks guys :)

See tee brows I mentioned,

There in the list in this page of the CSR Automotive website there based in Germany.


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