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2006 Focus 1.8 Tdci Front End Noises Any Tips?


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Hi everyone

I am a newbie on here and would like some advise if possible

I have a 2006 focus 1.8 tdci sport with kkda engine

First problem started about 6 months ago when I put the car into reverse just as I got the biting point on the clutch I could hear a click noise from front of car and progressed to every time I pull off or de-accelerate or change down gears, I have checked everything but can find anything wrong and it's not the clutch it sounds like suspension but can't see anything.

Second problem which is really bugging me mostly from cold, if I accelerate around a left hand corner I can hear a vibration noise which sounds like it's in the bottom pulley area but sounds like it's something vibrating against the body but after checking this I can't find anything that is lose or fouling against the body.

I would be so great flu for any help or advise to point me in the right direction

Many thanks

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Been out in car again tonight and the vibration noise is very slight when accelerating but gets a lot worse if I accelerate in a left had corner and completely disappears going round right hand corner

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The click could be the clutch thrust bearing is on its way out to be honest. Is it a rhythmic clicking (speed of the engine) or is it just odd clicking?

The vibrating sounds like it could be a CV joint issue, or a worn bushing. I think you might want to get it booked into a garage!

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