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Mk3 Focus Leak


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I've got a 61 plate 1.6 Titanium and just the other day when I went to start the car using the push button it strangely made the boot open. Tried it several times and every time the same. Took it to my local ford garage as they felt it was an electrical fault. On investigation they said that the wire at the rear of the car in the roof space had corroded and that there was a lot of water in there. So now they need to keep the car for a few days to find out where this water is coming from. Annoyingly they have said that because it is water damage it is no longer covered by the warranty!! Seems ridiculous that a car that's 2 years old should have water getting in so surely it must be a build issue, the garage have said they would speak to ford and see if they can make a 'goodwill gesture'. Anyone got any advice as to where this water is coming from and whether I will be charged the earth for the work?


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hi There ,if there are no obvious signs of leeks ,Check that the hose for the rear wash wipe is still full conected, i believe this runs around that area and can be come deteched ,so when operated pumps water into the car instead of onto the rear window .

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