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Cracked Heated Windscreen Grrr


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Just a quick question just noticed a crack on my windscreen :(

Had a stone chip just below the window wipers on the black part of the glass (not visible from inside the car) obviously didnt know it was there until now!

Question being how much would this cost to replace?

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my excess is £65 but it says it will cover a max of £90 after excess is subtracted so im guessing that mean if the windscreen comes to more than £155 ill have to pay the rest ??

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any ideas how much id be looking at?

looking through my insurance documents they only cover £90 worth IF i use someone they dont reccomend...

so it should only cost me £65 lol

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65quid is good considering a new heated screen would of cost 400quid

i think it's 70quid for me if i use the insurers recommended insurer, which is autowindscreens, not autoglass

had to use em twice now

once when my rear screen exploded when the tail gate unexpectedly slammed shut about 6months or so ago, that was a 70quid excess

and most recently the other week when a lorry i was stuck behind kicked up a load of grit on an a road which pinged of me windscreen with enough force to chip it next to me rear view mirror

luckily i clocked the chip before it could turn into a crack so it only cost me a 25quid excess for a repair n didnt need to be replaced

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Cheers for the replys!! Yea im with hastings direct and its only £65... happy days!!

Its just a pain in the *** if the !Removed! infront would of had a set of mudflaps i might not be in this situation lol

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