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Focus Mk1.5 Ghia Wipers And Front Windscreen Heater Stopped Working!

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Hey guys,

Was driving home in torrential rain the other night and the wipers stopped mid sweep...front, rear, washers, everything!

Thought it was maybe a fuse so I checked the front and rear fuses together with relays and they're all working fine. So maybe it was the wiper switch?

Picked up a second hand one and it's just the same, then I noticed that the front heated windscreen isn't working either. When I push the button it doesn't even light up. The rear one works fine though along with electric windows, mirrors, interior lights etc.

So just to recap the entire wiper switch isn't working even the washer function for front and rear along with heated windscreen. Swapped the windscreen relay too and it's not the problem.

Haven't a baldy about electrics so any help appreciated. Haven't found any other posts with the same issue :(

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Sounds like a water ingress issue.

check the fuseboards in the passenger footwell and also the engine bay,

I had a not too disimilar issue, whereby the stalk stopped responding, couldnt use wipers, indicators etc, it was actually the harness in the footwell had come loose. so you may want to reseat and secure all wiring harnesses as necessary.

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Called the AA out...absolute heros!

Turns out it was just a fuse in the glove box. Thanks to ford for labelling the diagram wrong in the manual! Fuse 56 is labelled for the electric windows when actually it's for the wipers. 25 amp. Not sure how it cured the front windscreen heater tho!

Hope this helps anyone else with the same issue, just check all the fuses in the box lol

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