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Armrest Compartment


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I've recently bought a Mk2.5 Focus Titanium. From the manual and looking at it, it seems like the armrest should have two compartments under it, a fairly shallow top one then a deeper one under. When I open it though only the bottom compartment opens, I can't get the upper lid to close independantly. Is it likely the catch has broken and it's been sealed up, as has happened with the dash compartment? If so, how easy would it be to repair or replace the catch? Not that bothered, but would be nice to have a little more storage space for small items.

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The MK2 had a two part compartment (basically a coin tray and a skinny little under compartment).

The MK2.5 armrest is purely a lid over the one big compartment.

The top slides forward but blocks the handbrake so is best left pushed rearwards except for on long motorway/A roads where the handbrake is unlikely to be needed.

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