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Fiesta Titanium 2009 Media System


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Can anyone help? First post and I know the bare minimum.

bluetooth, aux, voice control, usb, does not work, no power of any kind. Everything apart the CD and fm radio do not work.

First want to check the fuses, have the fuse list, but can not find the correct fuse diagram for the car. I have a photo of the fuse panel that is behind the glove box, but not sure how to post pics.


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I did already take the module out just in case it was loose and it seems fine.

When I select BT is comes up 'no audio device" (see picture). When I click phone. It mutes. When I click aux it does nothing, doesn't even change screen on the display.

I've attached pics.

There is also a grey loose wire, what is this? Assume it's an addition for a car ad on? But I have no idea.





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I'm still leaning towards module failure, it does seem to be quite common on 2008/2009 models. I don't suppose there's any chance you have a friend with one you could try swapping?

As for the grey wire it kind of looks like the footwell bulb holder, are yours in and working?

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