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Ticking/clicking Sound From Engine Compartment? Ford Focus 1,6 (2000) Petrol.

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Need some expert help to locate an error, hope someone can give me some good hints.
My ford has a new sound in the engine compartment.
Its best described as a ticking/clicking sound which seem to be in more or less in sync with the "speed of the engine". It's quite loud and distinct.
I dont think its from the engine it self but likely in connection with the drivebelt. Not sure though.
It looks like I have a small wooble on the belt tensioner for the drive belt. is it likely that this is the cause, and in that case how easy/hard is it to fix DIY?

Any other obvious things i want to check out?

I might also add that it's drinking a descent amount of motoroil.(mileage:100 000)

Im afraid it might be something critical. Hopefully it's something I can fix myself.

Greatful for all tips and hints!

i tried to attach a sound file. Hope it's working.


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Are spark plugs all okay?

Also check for oil leak as running the engine without or low could !Removed! ya motor.

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The same day as i was planning to drive my car to the workshop the sound disappeared.
I do have an issue with the oil thou. It seems to be burning oil and i constantly have to pay attention to this. (ca. 1liter pr. 1000Km)

Always park in the same spot and can't see any signs of a propper leak.

The spark plugs are relatively new. Prob about 5000km. Something funky is going on thou.
When the engine is running on a low "speed" and i push the throttle hard the engine stalls/jumps a couple of times.
Last time I changed the spark plugs this problem went away. But it came back just after 2000KM on new spark plugs.


Thanks for any good advice!

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