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P0251 Error Code

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had a few issues with this car its a 2.0TDCI ghia 130bhp.

Back in September the glow plug light started flashing and went into limp home mode, but then later on after restart it was fine, came on and happened one or two more times, no engine management light though.

December the car died in a supermarket car park, it kind of stalled then started up drove about 2 feet then "stalled" again, every time i started it up within in 3 mins the car would cut out again even without movement, put a diagnostic on it that gave me the code P0251 looked it up and found a number of different causes.

The car was then left idle on the drive for around 3 weeks, decided to start it up and let it turn over so the battery wouldn't end up flat, but instead of it cutting out it was fine, i revved it up full on again and again for around 10 mins plenty of black smoke then white coming out the back didnt cut out though, the engine light still on.

Started it up again this week didn't cut out AND the engine management light went out and stayed out, drove the car around 2 miles no issues. Had the oil and oil filter changed, air filter and fuel filter changed. Drove it now for 2 days not majorly far but around 8 mile round trips no issues, no lights, it's as if nothing was ever wrong!

Before the filter changes and driving it i'd asked at two garages about the problems and code's both have quoted £1500-£1800 to change the diesel pump etc.

Not a mechanic but surely if the pump had gone i wouldn't be able to drive it now without it "stalling" again and the engine management light would still be on? considering i only paid £2000 for the car spending almost as much again on repairs isn't something i'm prepared to do.

Any idea's people?

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I've got the same problem e.g limp mode coil light and no power had my mate put his computer on it and its my turbo actuator the vaines get full of soot and cause the flap to get stuck which causes the limp mode I'm hopefully taking my turbo actuator off tomorrow and giving it a clean, inside the actuator there's a motherboard and motor the solder on the board wear down and need tlc after time I will post pics of my progress for you tomorrow also it could be your camshaft sensor which is easy and cheap it cost me 13 quid for a new one

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