Alarm Keeps Going Off In Fiesta 1.4Tdci

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Hi guys. I bought a second hand fiesta on friday and everythin seemed to be fine however last night my alarm went off 8 times between 6pm and 4am. It absolutly killed me.

This morning I noticed that one of the rear windows was slightly open and so assumed that must have been the issue.

Closed the window and locked the car. Again everythin seems fine however after 5pm tonight the alarm started going off again.

It has already sounded twice and its not even 7pm yet (I think the car is scared of the dark).

I'm assuming that I have a faulty sensor in one of the doors. Is there anyway to deactivate the alarm while still keeping the doors locked? Need to try and get some sleep and not have the neighbours kill me.

Also has anyone else had this problem? It seems strange that it is only happening at night.

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Hey, have you had any luck with finding the problem/resolving it?

I've got a 2009 Fiesta and when ever I've gone back to the car either first thing in morning or after work it comes up on the screen with 'Alarm triggered check vehicle'.

Just WD40'd the bonnet catch as that's apparently a common cause to a faulty alarm to see whether it'll fix it, but it could be an internal sensor!

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