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Hi all, new here

we have a 2007 Fusion Style 1.4 petrol and the rear wheel bearing went on my way home 2nite was just wondering how hard a task it is to replace. I'm pretty handy with a spanner and socket set but lack the knowledge really, but will tackle most things, i have stripped and re built the front suspension set up on our other car to replace the strut top bushes and didn't find that to hard.

thanx in advance for any help received.

ps can I follow this forum with my mobile app tapatalk?

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Cheers Mick, was hoping to strip it and take the hub to somewhere to get the new bearing put in, try to keep the cost down.

Sent from my LT30p using Tapatalk

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I also replaced it myself, just make sure you order a bearing with a new ABS sensorring. I removed the old bearing by hammering it out with a fitting socket from my tools while i rested the drum on 2 blocks of wood.

The new bearing i first put in a plastic bag in the freezer for a while, heated the inside of the drum to about handwarm and used the old bearing to gently hammer the new one in.

Replaced the ABS sensorring and refitted the whole thing.

Of course, a press would have been easier ;) but this way it also worked.

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Hi guys, hope you're well.

I replaced the brake shoes on my mum's Fusion a few months ago. I was pretty shocked to be honest... once I'd got the drum off (which came off easily with a home-made puller tool) the bearing fell out (including all the roller bearings on the floor lol)and had ZERO grease.

I replaced the shoes (whilst wrecking a wheel cylinder in the mean time lol), greased them up and packed the hub with grease. Bearings are quiet and shes not had a problem since.

ps, when replacing shoes dint try (like I did) to place everything in and stretch the retaining springs to fit. fit the shoes and springs off the car with the shoes ''folded'' then prise the whole assembly OVER the ends of the wheel cylinder. but to befair I have nice new wheel cylinders now haha :)

ps, nice to see this forum has lots of topics and members.... last time I was on here there were like 3 members! lol

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