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Fusion Fumes In Car & Tapping Noise.


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Hello everyone,

I've got a 2003 Diesel Fusion and I'm noticing a smell coming into the car whilst idling. I've had a look at the engine today and I can seem a little smoke coming out from the top and back it seems. I've not had a proper look at the exhaust for corrosion or holes yet.

It's also got a tapping noise from the engine, perhaps something to do with the valves - I've been told they could be "Coked up" about a year ago when my Husband asked the local garage - and has gradually become a bit louder over time.

I'm trying to decide whether I want to get it fixed and keep the car as it's been so reliable or whether I want to sell and buy an automatic, which I prefer. If anyone could give me any suggestions and advice on the faults and rough estimates on how easy/difficult it may be to fix or get fixed, I'd be very grateful.



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Hi :)

It sounds to me you have leaked some oil and it's burning off.

Re the tapping noise, is it all the time? Or does it go away or quieten down when the car's up to temp.?

I'd guess that your lifters (assuming this car has hydraulic lifters/tappets) are gummed up.

When did you last change the oil and what's your maintenance schedule in the past been like (specifically with regards to oil changes) :)

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It's been like it since I've had it (About 2 1/2 years now) and I think it has got louder. The oil is changed around every 6 months or so, my husband checks all that over.

Would un"gumming" them be a difficult/expensive job do you know?

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Worn or nackered hydraulic lifter.

I've used Wynns' Hydraulic Valve Lifter fluid with good results. That will quiet them down. If it doesn't then have a garage look at it and replace dodgy lifter(s). If none are fubar'd and it's just your valve clearances out they'll make the necessary clearance adjustments.

As for the burning smell, does it smell like exhaust fumes or not? if not then it's pretty safe (in my opinion) that it's oil leaking around your engine.

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