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Brake Or Clutch Issue Help Please

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Hi guys !

I'm new to this so please go easy on me,

I recently bought a mondeo mk3 2.0 tddi that wasn't in a great shape

I have most of them done just a small problem the brake pedal is spongy so I was bleeding the system and as I got to drivers side rear wheel I noticed that the wheel span and the handbrake was on, the other side was ok! I checked the pads and they are evenly worn!

Second problem is my clutch pedal now and again sticks halfway down!

Could these be linked?

Any help greatly appreciated

Thanks guys :)

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I think the link is that the previous owner didn't care about either. Rear brakes sticking isn't exactly uncommon, but it probably is more common for them to bind rather than spin free.

This is one of the few things where hitting stuff is often the best measure; you don't want to hit the caliper directly with a metal hammer, but either a rubber mallet, or hit via a block of wood. 'Scrub up' with a floor brush and repeat. Once you have it free enough, go out and give a bit of work out by applying the handbrake on a downhill stretch to get it nice and hot (but not so hot that the brakes fade and you can't stop).

Clutch intermittently sticking part way down sounds like either crud (somewhere in the mechanism), a broken, and therefore weak, return spring or a sticking cable.

(Edit: don't know in your car, whether clutch is hydraulic or cable-operated; if hydraulic, check that the fluid looks clean and the level is adequate.)

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