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Removing Air Filter Pile Off Car

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Hi I have a ford fiesta zetec 1.4 blue edition 58 registration,

I recently found out that taking off the air filter hose out it makes a loud noise which I want,

However obviously it's on for a reason, is their any affects what's so ever on the car and also can anyone help me on what air filter to get as in the meantime with a budget of 50 pound.

Thanks lee

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if the hose is between the filter/ engine, with the hose off it bypasses the filter so any dust/ dirt / stones/ debris that gets near can be drawn into the engine, causing wear etc, over the long term it can wear out the rings/ bores, "tottaling" the engine

if warm air is being drawn you can loose power

the air filter/ inlet may be a "tuned length" to increase low end or midrange torque, you may loose this advantage with the hose removed

The engine may run lean with the hose removed, this can effect the emmisions and damage the catalytic converter

Apart from that it should be ok :lol:

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lol, well put there Foca ;)

To be honest, you wont get the noise you want from replacing the filter. I fyou want performance and a bit more noise, use K&N, otherwise, dont expect the noise to improve.

If you want more noise, upgrade the exhaust :)

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