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Help Identifying Something Under The Bonnet!

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Good evening,

I'm hoping someone can help me identify a what looks like large rubber hose under the bonnet of my Mondeo 2002 Estate car.

It has split and looks like it is only being held on by two metal hose clips.

So I'm hoping that once I know what it is, I might be able to get a replacement and fit it myself..

I also wonder if anyone knows whether this could be causing lose of power and oil to be kindly distributed around the underneath of the bonnet :)

I have attached some photos to hopefully show which hose I'm talking about..

Thanks for looking.





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Hi it is the boost hose - you will lose power because you loose boost

The oil is from the inside of the hose that was deposited from the engine breather - you will not lose engine/ sump oil level from this

You have a TDDI 115PS with a rear-mounted EGR, it has a variable-vane turbo with a MAF sensor

It is Euro3 so you can blank the EGR with no problem (solid plate)

you will lose power, MPG and you might be blowing uot more smoke than usual, too with the split

It is one of the most common places to split because of the realitive movement of the chassis/ engine and the fact that the oli from the breather can "melt" rubber over time

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Yes you can change the hose, and I would recommend you do so, as you are losing power because of it.

If you look on ebay there should be silicone versions which will last alot longer than fords rubber ones and will also be a damn site cheaper.

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